All this week, Behind the Setlist is covering Volume, a music festival in Spokane, Washington, which features 100 DIY and indie artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond (put together by our friends at the Inlander).

Our Spokane team—Kevin Carr and Rose Hammack—will be on the ground May 31 and June 1, catching as much music as humanly possible.

Check back often for previews, reviews, interviews and more.

Critic’s Itineraries

Friday, May 31

Kevin’s Picks

  • Silver Treason (6:15pm, Lucky You Lounge)
  • Deer (7pm, The Pin)
  • Dee-em (7:30pm, Berserk)
  • Smokey Brights (8:30pm, The Bartlett)
  • Spiral Stairs (9:45pm, Lucky You Lounge)
  • Heat Speak (10pm, The Bartlett)
  • Indian Goat, (11pm, The Pin)

Rose’s Picks

  • Windoe (7:15pm, Lucky You Lounge)
  • Gabriella Rose (8pm, The Bartlett)
  • Froth (8pm, Washington Cracker Building)
  • Mini Murders (9:15pm, Washington Cracker Building)
  • Matt Mitchell Music Co. (9:15pm, River City Brewing)

Saturday, June 1

Kevin’s Picks

  • Ray Badness (6:15pm, nYne)
  • Lavoy (7:15, nYne)
  • Killer Whale (8pm, River City Brewing)
  • T.S The Solution (8:30pm, WA Cracker Building)
  • Super Sparkle (9pm, nYne)
  • Jango (10pm, WA Cracker Building)
  • Among Authors (10:30pm, The Bartlett)

Rose’s Picks

  • Mama Doll (7pm, Lucky You Lounge)
  • Lavoy (7:15pm, nYne)
  • Moorea Masa & The Mood (8:15pm, nYne)
  • CATE (9:30pm, The Barlett)
  • Allen Stone (10pm, Lucky You Lounge)

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