All this week, Behind the Setlist is previewing Volume, a music festival in Spokane, Washington that features 100 artists in 10 different venues across two days. Our Spokane team will be on the ground May 31 and June 1. Until then? We are listening to as many artists as we can, previewing those who turn our ears.

Pro Tip: Check out the official Volume Spotify playlist for a taste of every band.

Indian Goat @ The Pin on May 31

Behind the Setlist spoke with singer and guitarist Garrett Zanol over email. The conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Can you give me a brief rundown of the band’s history?

The band has been active since August 2017. We started the band to become the loudest two piece, and we’re doing pretty good at that so far we believe!

What gear are you using to create that signature gain/crunch sound? 

I run a 1970 Fender twin reverb silverface that has Orange Label JBL’s, also with an external 2×12 cabinet that’s loaded with Celestion vintage 30s. Then I spilt my guitar signal with an ABY box and run my other signal to an Ampeg 8×10 cabinet with an Ampeg classic SVT Head.

“Knockin’” is a cool tune. There’s such a bright energy to it. Any insight into how that song came about? 

“Knockin'” is a fun one! The song is about how I was trying really hard to get laid by this chick I hardly knew, and, ironically enough, she became my lady. We’ve been together for almost six years now. The construction of the song came naturally when we decided to try and write a blues oriented song that also was heavy af.

What’s your favorite song to play live right now?

Most of our set is heavy and energetic, but as far as energy, flow, and crowd engagement, the song that happens to pack the biggest punch is probably our new single that we will be releasing officially later this year, titled “Be your Seer.”

What goes into the making of a great setlist?

We typically construct a setlist around our opener, and then our closer. Then everything in between is put together pretty loosely. Sometimes we kinda just, like, wing it. I dunno.

If a Spokanite stumbles across Indian Goat at Volume, what kind of show will they see? 

If a Spokanite stumbles across our show at Volume, they will be walking into a room full of gnarly, high impact, crazy energy. Also loudness. It will be very loud. Yea, they’ll see loudness, I guess.

Any new material coming? 

We have recorded our latest single called “Be your Seer” and are currently working on a music video, and a 10” press package to release all at once with it. Along with a merch run to accompany it! We play the song live currently, so people already know it, but the package will be the new fun thing we will be releasing. And we’re always writing and working on stuff. Indian Goat 3 will be in the near future, undoubtedly.

See Indian Goat at The Pin at 11pm on May 31. Volume tickets are on sale now. Read all our Volume 2019 coverage. Photo courtesy of Alicia Hauff.