All this week, Behind the Setlist is previewing Volume, a music festival in Spokane, Washington, which features 100 DIY and indie artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond (put together by our friends at the Inlander). Our Spokane team will be on the ground during Volume on June 2 and June 3, but we wanted to dive into these artists ahead of time.

Who are they, where do they come from, and what can we expect? We turned up the Volume on each artist for a little preview palaver.

Runaway Octopus @ Red Room Lounge, 6/3, 7:45pm

Where are you from, how long have you been a band and how did the group come together?

Collectively, the two of us have spent 44 years in Spokane, but our band has only been around for about a year. It all started with an Anne Murray record… 

What’s your favorite song to play live and why?

We both like playing the song “Bite The Bullet, Buy The Beer” because it’s the newest song we’ve written and we’re not tired of it yet. 

What goes into the making of a great setlist?

We’ll let you know when we figure it out. 

Who are you most excited to see at Volume fest?

There are a few. We’re excited to see Chastity Belt and Built To Spill (like everyone else) as well as some great local acts like The Dancing Plague of 1518, Violet Catastrophe, and Itchy Kitty. They’ll probably all end up playing at the same time in different places. 

If a Spokanite stumbles into a Runaway Octopus performance during Volume, what are they likely to see? 

Two cats and a reel to reel. 

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