All this week, Behind the Setlist is previewing Volume, a music festival in Spokane, Washington, which features 100 DIY and indie artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond (put together by our friends at the Inlander). Our Spokane team will be on the ground during Volume on June 2 and June 3, but we wanted to dive into these artists ahead of time.

Who are they, where do they come from, and what can we expect? We turned up the Volume on each artist for a little preview palaver.

Trash Dogs @ The Pin, 6/3, 8:45pm

Where are you from, how long have you been a band and how did the group come together?

We started Trash Dogs in the fall of 2015 in Seattle, Washington. Trash Dogs are brothers Jonny and Matt Wade and Paul Davis. We all come from strong musical backgrounds, studying music in college as well as playing in various Seattle bands such as SuperMother, Red Means Go, Choke the Pope, and others.

What’s your favorite song to play live and why? 

Late last year we lost our dad to cancer. While he was undergoing treatment we wrote “Alone Again” to help us deal with all the emotions surrounding him and our family. It’s a way for us to honor my dad. He supported us and was easily our biggest fan. We sing it loud for him every time. 

What goes into the making of a great setlist?

A great setlist flows with peaks and valleys, highlighting a band’s range of sound. When we build our setlist we focus on grouping songs in relative keys together in groups of two or three to create flow. In between these mini sets we can tune and spend some time interacting with the crowd.

Anyone you’re excited to see at Volume fest?

Built to Spill! We’ve all followed them for years but none of us have seen them!

If a Spokanite stumbles into a Trash Dogs performance during Volume, what type of show are they likely to see?

They’re going to stumble into a good time! We’re just a band of bros that play music together. We aren’t flashy, we don’t shred, and we’re not much for poetry. We play music that means something to us and we hope you can find meaning in it too. We try to write tunes that you can sing along to while driving to get a six pack of Rainier and wondering why your dreams never came to reality—as a single, salty tear falls from your face onto your denim cowboy shirt and your three-legged mutt named Lucky rides shotgun and whimpers knowingly, as if to say, “Well, we tried.” Or something like that… Did I mention it’ll be a good time?

Answers by Jonny Wade. Follow Trash Dogs on Facebook. Get Volume tickets here


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