We are looking for artists, bands, stage hands, and fans. Managers, promoters, merch sellers. Storytellers. We seek the untold tales from the pit. The drama at the sound booth. The recovered setlists. The bent ticketstubs.

What was it like to see The Clash in 1979? To sneak into the Arcade Fire in 2006. To hear Kendrick Lamar in 2010. Who were you then? Who are you now? The fan ditching work and driving hours on a whim without a ticket. The NYC indie band discovering rural America for the first time on tour. The church musician losing God in a parking lot.

We want to hear your story.

Contributing Opportunities

Shutter Sound

Looking to submit a photo for our Photo of the Day series? Send us an email with details (band name, date taken, venue, etc.). No fee for submissions.

Writing Staff

Interested in becoming a staff contributor? Submit a portfolio to Kevin and he’ll be in touch.

Crowd Source

Has a recent gig inspired you to write? Submit to CROWD SOURCE, and the editing staff will look over your story, offer feedback, and hopefully publish.


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