Tinnabulation Music Festival begins tomorrow in Spokane, Washington. Promising to be the “first of its kind” for the Inland Northwest, the new festival features over 50 artists spread across four stages, including national and international artists OK Go, John Butler Trio and American Authors.

Fifty bands means the average concertgoer is probably already overwhelmed with conflicting choices and artist discovery. Since headliners sell themselves, Behind the Setlist wanted to shine a spotlight on the independent and under-the-radar artists you may miss.

Here are our picks for Tinnabulation Music Festival (also known as TinnFest—we think). Need a playlist to get you ready? We’ve got you covered (note: not all of our picks were on Spotify).

BtS Preview Playlist


Jango @ Coors Light Stage, 4:30pm – I saw Jango open for R.LUM.R at the Bartlett a few weeks back and was floored by a tight performance with solid material. This guy’s local?
Lemolo @ Ben & Jerry’s Stage, 6:30pm – Dreamy key-rock (is that a thing?) is exactly what I need as fall says hello and summer says goodbye.
Barns Courtney @ Coors Light Stage, 6:45pm – A little Kings of Leon, a little Ed Sheeran, a lot of fun? We’ll see. Looking forward to seeing how Courtney’s material translates to the stage.
The Grizzled Mighty @ Charles Smith Wines Stage, 8:15pm – Dirty blues reminiscent of the Black Keys and Spokane’s current air quality.


Hey! Is for Horses @ Charles Smith Wines Stage, 1:45pm – Singer-songwriter John Blakesley fronts his Spokane-based, Inland Northwest-inspired blues folk-rock.
Naked Giants @ Coors Light Stage, 1:45pm – 2:30pm – Nothing wrong with having a little fun, but pace yourself. There most likely won’t be a slow jam to catch your breath.
The Fame Riot @ BECU Stage, 2:30pm – 3:30pm – The sibling pop-duo draws influence from “the last four decades of rock, pop, electronica, disco and everything in-between.” Bring your dancin’ shoes.
Folkinception @ Charles Smith Wines Stage, 2:30pm – I missed these guys at Volume Festival. After the reviews I read, I won’t make that mistake twice.
The New Respects @ Coors Light Stage, 5:30pm – Any song that begins with, “Are you ready? (Yeah!) Are you ready? (Yeah!),” grabs my attention and earns a spot on the schedule. Honestly can’t wait for this set.
Iska Dhaaf @ Ben & Jerry’s Stage, 7:45pm – Assuming I’ll be dead from the New Respects, the mellow dream-pop of indie-band Iska Dhaaf sounds like the perfect way to close Saturday.


Donna Donna @ BECU Stage, 11:15am – A little birdie told me about this up-and-coming band, and after hearing their demos on Bandcamp, I’m definitely digging it. Worth getting out early for? I vote yes.
Vaudeville Etiquette @ BECU Stage, 12:45pm – From Seattle, but you get the feeling that Vaudeville Etiquette channels Kentucky. That is, Kentucky’s famous beverage. Definitely a whiskey-blues vibe going on.
Dude York @ BECU Stage, 2:15pm – Those guitars are crunchier than pork rinds. Sorry for all the food references.
Mama Doll @ Ben & Jerry’s Stage, 3:15pm – Understated songwriting, gorgeous harmonies and long, patient songs. Mama Doll is not in a hurry to get anywhere and that, honestly, is refreshing.
Coleman Hell @ Coors Light Stage, 7:30pm – Love songs in 2017: “We must be fireproof with all these flames between our sheets.” Who could resist that? Hoping this set will be as fun as advertised.

Picks by Kevin Carr. Grab your tickets for TinnFest here. Find the full schedule here


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