There’s this scene in Wayne’s World 2 that I absolutely adore. Indulge me…

Trying to pull one over on Bobby Cahn, a bigwig producer played by Christopher Walken, Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) unexpectedly find themselves pitching a music festival. Bobby asks Wayne what the festival is called.

WAYNE: What’s it called? It’s called… uh…

*Sees Woodstock concert poster on the wall*

WAYNE: Waynestock. It’s called Waynestock!

GARTH (animated): Waaaaynestock!

BOBBY: Who’s gonna be at Waynestock?


*Looks around. Sees man holding Aerosmith and Pearl Jam CDs*

WAYNE: Aerosmith and Pearl Jam!

BOBBY (momentarily impressed): Who else?

GARTH (nervous): Me. And him… Wayne.

WAYNE: Annnnnnd

*Sees man wearing Van Halen shirt*

WAYNE: Van Halen!

GARTH: Wow! Who else?

BOBBY (now unbelieving): Yeah. Who else?

WAYNE: Uhhh…

*Sees an old man fashioning a kayak out of a log*

WAYNE (confused): An old man fashioning a kayak out of a log?

Wayne’s World 2 might not be the best source to reference while kicking off a new publication that touts “high quality music journalism,” but this editor cannot help himself. In the last few months, while building this business, I have related more to this movie than ever before.

After long hours of web development, or sponsorship writing, or talent outreach, questions are thrown my way and often, “an old man fashioning a kayak out of a log” is about the only answer I can think to give.

Wayne’s booking philosophy also speaks to me. Calling things out of the air, I mean. Turns out it works.

Two months ago I had no writing staff and little hopes for meaningful content by March 1. How things have changed. We are launching with 8 contributors. Before our first month is over we’ll have approximately 20 original articles. We have three sponsors — Art for the Ears, A&F Drum Co., and Hendrix Drums.

How cool is that?

Perhaps most exciting to me is the content itself. I’m pleased to present original, thoughtful works about music and music culture that exists no where else on the internet. Garrett McElver shares the secrets of music supervision; Bethany Bushen writes about being a band wife; Jonathan Bautts chats with Nate Zuercher, Judah & the Lion’s banjo player; Craig Manning crowns Eric Church the new Springsteen; Jonny Coleman talks with former Skrillex tour manager Bree Kristel Clarke; Grant Mickelson digs deep on Nashville life and touring with Taylor Swift. And that’s just the first handful.

So, again, welcome! Take a look around. Read our stories. Join our community.

We’re going to do big things over here. The kayak is taking shape.



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